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The Importance Of Going To A Skilled Dentist

The Importance Of Going To A Skilled Dentist Are you at a loss for how to go about choosing the right dentist? Concerned about choosing one that is skilled enough to handle your oral care needs? Whether you have recently moved to a new city, your favorite dentist is retiring, or you have just waited [...]
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Why Do I Need A Root Canal?

Many people experience fear when they hear the words "root canal". The images of pain and high deductibles come to mind as we put off making that call that would schedule the procedure and lessen our pain. How many of us actually know what a root canal is though? If you have been wondering about [...]
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At Home Dental Care Tips For Healthy Teeth

Good oral health does not start in the dentist's office, it begins at home. You set the stage for a lifetime of dental care, and the habits that you create and establish for you and your family members will determine what kind of dental experiences they have as they go through life. Regardless of what [...]
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Panoramic x-rays

Dentistry is one of many healthcare fields that is forever evolving. In response, more dental practitioners are embracing new technologies aimed at improving their patient's oral health. These advancements are especially noticeable when it comes to x-rays. For example, many dental practices have begun using panoramic x-rays as opposed to traditional bitewing dental x-rays. For [...]
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