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Removable Dentures By Expert Dentist

What kind of smile do you have? If you are missing some or all of your teeth, your smile may be tight lipped or non-existent. That is not the way you should be presenting yourself to the world. You need a smile that would light up a room. You can do that with removable dentures.

What are removable dentures?

Dentures consist of a base that supports artificial teeth. The base fits over the upper or lower arch in the mouth. The artificial teeth are usually made of porcelain.

If a person has lost all the teeth on either the upper or lower arch of the mouth, he or she will need a complete denture to replace them. If only some of the teeth are missing, a partial denture is the preferred option.

People who need dentures come to that point through many paths. Some have advanced gum disease which has caused them to lose some or all of their teeth. Others causes include trauma, severe malnutrition or drug abuse.

How are complete removable dentures created?

The need for complete dentures means that all the teeth in the upper or lower arch are missing. If any teeth had to be extracted or there was any other trauma or infection present, the gum tissue must have time to heal before the denture can be constructed, since the tissue shape and thickness will change as it heals.

The dentist will take a mold of the arch of the gums. From this mold, the denture manufacturing facility will mold an acrylic base for the dentures. This acrylic base is colored to match the patient’s natural gum color.

Those dentures get sent back to the dentist to make sure they fit the patient. If everything is good, the bases go back to the manufacturer where the artificial teeth are installed. The denture is then returned to the dentist for final fitting.

How are partial dentures created?

Like a complete denture, a partial denture requires the gums to be completely healed.

The dentist will take a mold of the arch where the partial denture is needed. This shows the layout of the remaining teeth and the surrounding gum tissue. Using a cast of the mold, the denture manufacturer builds the partial denture. A partial can have a base that is made from a cast metal clip or an acrylic resin. The manufacturer attaches the artificial teeth onto base. The finished partial denture is sent to the dentist for patient fitting.

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