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At Eric Mehler, D.D.S., P.A. we offer bonding. We are proud of the ways in which dentistry can restore broken or decayed teeth to full beauty and function.

FAQS About Getting Dentures

Eric Mehler DDS is a general dentist serving the Sunrise, FL area with quality care. One of the services that his patients want to know more about is dentures. Dentures are replacement teeth that can help patients “reclaim” their smiles. Here are a few FAQs (frequently asked questions) about getting dentures that can help you make a decision about getting them for yourself or someone you love.

How Are Dentures Made?
Dentures are special dental appliances that are created to comfortably fit over the gums of the mouth when a patient has missing teeth. Full dentures cover the entire gumline while partials cover a smaller space and hook onto the remaining teeth. They are made in a laboratory from a material designed to simulate pink gums. The white artificial teeth (usually made of acrylic) are carefully placed in the base to complete the appliance.

How Long Does it Take to Get Dentures?
The first appointment to get your dentures is necessary to take impressions of your mouth and to also ensure that your gums are healthy and clean. Allow a few weeks for the first denture to come back—then you’ll have to go through a series of fittings until they’re just right. Ask your Sunrise, FL dentist if you can have a temporary device made while you wait.

Is There an Alternative to Dentures?
There are other alternatives that you might want to explore with Dr. Mehler at your initial consultation. Dental implantation is a popular service that provides you with a more permanent solution. When there are just one or two missing teeth, bridgework may be the solution (two crowns with a fill-in tooth in the middle).

Dentures by Dr. Mehler
If you think it’s time to get your very own custom dentures or you want to talk about additional solutions, call on Dr. Eric Mehler. He is committed to delivering “gentle, compassionate care” to his Sunrise, FL patients. Pick up the phone and dial (954) 741-5006 or click the “Request an Appointment” button to suggest a time online.