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Teeth whitening can transform your teeth from dull and dingy to bright and white. One of the best methods is Zoom whitening. This method is done in the dentist’s office and it takes about an hour to complete. Call Eric Mehler, D.D.S., P.A. to make an appointment today.

Get Freedom From Discolored Teeth With Teeth Whitening Procedures

Today’s world is obsessed with the beautiful things, certainly you also want to follow the race and not lack behind. To stay ahead in the race, all of your beauty attributes such as hair, skin, teeth should be glowing. You can use products in the market to improve your hair quality or to get glowing skin, but for shining teeth, teeth whitening procedures from a renowned specialist like Dr. Eric Mehler are necessary.
To get your teeth whitened, you can avail two options: One is you can yourself visit the clinic of Dr. Eric Mehler or can get the teeth whitening kits from the clinic and follow a DIY route to whiten your teeth at the luxury of your home.
When you opt for the in-office teeth whitening procedure, your teeth will undergo the following steps:

  • The experienced and skilled team of dentists of Dr. Eric Mehler will apply a layer of highly concentrated peroxide gel carefully on your teeth.
  • After 20 minutes, the gel is removed.
  • As the gel is removed, you will see a dramatic change in the color of your teeth. You will notice the stains and yellow patches on your teeth have faded and your teeth have started glowing more than before.
  • If you notice that the discoloration is still persistent, then the team of efficient dentists of Dr. Eric Mehler will recommend another method for teeth whitening.

If you can’t make regular visits to the clinic, then the home kit for teeth whitening procedures is given to you. This kit is equipped with a highly concentrated peroxide gel and mouth guards. You just have to apply the concentrated peroxide gel with care for a span of just an hour and you will notice the dramatic change in the color of your teeth.