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Lesley Stahl speaks with Aaron Elster's digital image. [2][3], Bradley was known for loving all kinds of music, but he was especially a jazz music enthusiast. He graduated in 1959 from Saint Thomas More Catholic Boys High School in West Philadelphia and then another historically black school, Cheyney State College (now Cheyney University of Pennsylvania) in Cheyney, Pennsylvania, graduating in 1964 with a degree in education. Bradley, who was referred to with the childhood name of "Butch Bradley," was able to see his father in Detroit, in the summertime, who had a vending machine business and owned a restaurant. Bradley's favorite segment on 60 Minutes was when, as a 40-year-old correspondent, he interviewed 64-year-old singer Lena Horne. Wendy Williams told viewers of her eponymous talk show Monday that she's "not a perfectionist," seemingly in response to her odd behavior in a recent episode of her chatfest. Students are asked to try it out. "'Where're you going?' When he was nine, his mother enrolled him in the Holy Providence School, an all-black Catholic boarding school run by the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament at Cornwells Heights, Pennsylvania. Bradley had limited musical ability and did not have an extensive repertoire, but would usually draw smiles by singing the 1951 classic by Billy Ward and the Dominoes, "Sixty Minute Man".[5]. But if you want to find out, then you can ask.'". And so in a sense, it turns the learning on its head and says, "'I'm not gonna tell you what the lessons of the Holocaust are. Harnessing the technologies of the present and the future, it keeps alive the ability to talk to, and get answers from, the past. And she hugged her. I arrive at my hotel, she's sitting in the lobby, waiting for me.". You're sitting there. Even in those days before the doors of opportunity were fully opened to black Americans, Mr. Bradley challenged the system. "They owned and operated a butcher shop," Elster said. They flew Gutter from his home in Toronto to Los Angeles, and asked him to sit inside a giant lattice-like dome. Are we trying to keep them alive beyond their deaths?' ", "What's important for me in this project is that we have Holocaust survivors who have different points of view about God and religion and faith and forgiveness," Stephen Smith said. Many adults may suffer from ADHD without even realizing. I hated," Elster's digital image said. "Yeah," Maio said. For now, though, the race is on to capture interviews with as many Holocaust survivors as possible while there's still time, so the conversations can continue, always, with people like Aaron Elster. I'm not gonna tell you what the Holocaust means. Stahl asked. New toys arrive ahead of season 2 of the series. Dark hair, dark eyes," Kor's digital image said. Harry Styles has released the music video for "Golden," the fifth single from his "Fine Line" album following U.S. radio hits "Adore You," "Watermelon Sugar" and "Falling." "What kept you going," one girl asked, "or what gave you hope while you were experiencing hardship in the camps?". "As soon as we arrived there, we were being separated into different groups," Gutter's digital image said. Stahl asked Gutter. As Stahl's crew discovered, it's still a work in progress. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Gutter's digital image said. 60 Minutes airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBS. So the next morning, I went into the-- little room that we had, and I turned on Aaron Elster's testimony. Kor spent her life after the war in Terre Haute, Indiana. He wanted to be a lot and he succeeded. Bradley was honored in April 2007 with a traditional jazz funeral procession at the New Orleans Jazzfest, of which he was a large supporter. "How did you find out that your city was getting invaded by Germany?" Is it a happy song? "How can you still have faith in God?" "And when you ask a question, the algorithm is looking through all of the database, 'Do I have an answer to that.' Sure. And-- but I was there from 9:00 to 5:00 answering questions.". **This video contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. A touching moment that may soon be available to others beyond the community of Holocaust survivors. Two years with just one visit a day to bring food and water. "I'm fine, and how are you?" According to Baden, this is another indicator that Epstein did not kill himself. "So suddenly, Steven had this idea, 'Oh, he's singing. "I will ask the one which is my favorite," Gutter said. Was I in need of somebody to accept me or to tell me that I'm okay, that I'm a nice kid? Heather Maio says in the process of developing and testing this technology, she was barraged with inquiries. He attended Mount Saint Charles Academy, in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. "I, Eva Moses Kor, hereby give amnesty to all Nazis who participated," Kor said at the time. Associate producer, Jaime Woods. So there we were, at a special moment in time when the living Pinchas Gutter could talk to the one who will live forever. God almighty'". It's not about a particular thing that's being instructed of you. One student asked. "And that's all manual.". The biggest power players on Wall Street have already seen it coming – and quietly changed their outlook for 2021. Stahl then asked Gutter's digital image a question. And I realized I was gonna be the first person ever to click that little button and ask a question of somebody who was no longer alive. "I cannot answer that question.". In 1994, Bradley created the Ed Bradley Scholarship, which has since been offered annually by the Radio Television Digital News Association's Foundation (RTDNF)[9] to outstanding aspiring journalists in recognition of Bradley's legacy and contributions to journalism. "What is the song? Check out the best moments from the 2020 Golden Globe Awards: Cory Booker concerned Trump acted on impulse in killing top Iranian general, Aaliyah’s ex-boyfriend Damon Dash says she was ‘the sacrificial lamb’ in R. Kelly ‘cover-up’, Alex Trebek reveals exactly how his final episode of Jeopardy!’ will end. [6][7] He was 65 years old. How is that possible?" "And kept crawling 'til I felt I was outta sight, stood up and started running.". "When I arrived in Auschwitz, I was ten years old," Kor's digital image said. Donald Trump's contentious interview with veteran "60 Minutes" host Lesley Stahl, as well as Joe Biden's less eventful sit-down, scored the show its largest audience since 2018. Save $20 on these top-notch Beats Powerbeats3 wireless headphones—they're 20 percent off! On Sunday night, 60 Minutes took a deep dive into Jeffrey Epstein’s death, which included pictures from inside his cell after his hanging, and graphic photos from the autopsy. But Maio dreamed of something more dynamic, being able to actively converse with survivors after they're gone. So who am I going to hate? "And I managed to crawl into the sewer that ran along the marketplace, the street," Elster's digital image said. Stahl asked. "'I wanna be a hologram,'" Maio recalled Kor saying. As Jews were being rounded up in his town's marketplace and sent to Treblinka, his father told him to run. "Did you have to look exactly the same?" Bachelorette contestant Dale Moss, who may be Clare Crawley's ultimate pick, once helped sell Halloween costumes. He opened himself to the world and dared the world to turn him away. "I come here every day and I try to do the best that I can for you. "My forgiveness is an act of self-healing, self-liberation, and self-empowerment. On November 13, 2006, they honored him with a moment of silence. First, a spunky 4'9" woman named Eva Kor, an identical twin who, together with her sister, survived Auschwitz and the notorious experiments of Dr. Josef Mengele.

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