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In fact, a petroleum truck was thrown and made explode on the road, a radio transmission tower was swept clean, a farm equipment store was completely blown away, with several tractors and combine harvesters picked up, mangled beyond recognition and put back down several miles away, a well build home was taken off from the foundations and rolled on the road and an entire farmstead was demolished, with only the main house left standing with EF1 damage, while everything else was swept clean. During the afternoon and evening of April 22, 2020, an outbreak of discrete supercell … The city took a direct hit at EF4 strength. The tornado outbreak of January 10–11, 2020 was a two-day severe weather event stretching from the South-Central Plains eastward into the Southeast United States. The Tornado Outbreak of May 23-24, 2020 is considered the most destructive Oklahoma outbreak on record, with several strong-violent tornadoes and numerous fatalities that occurred from the night of the 23rd of May until the morning of the following day. The twister destroyed two homes and several chalets along a little lake, while a car exploded. Overall, the 53 tornadoes produced in the outbreak were the most in the region on record, including the first EF5 tornado since 2013, along with four EF4 tornadoes. Storm spotters recorded a brief tornado crossing PA 428 in a heavily-forested area. Among the deaths, was a storm chaser who was thrown in the air and slammed back to the ground with his armored vehicle. The tornado as it destroyed a farmstead west of town. This tornado was the last one of the outbreak and the second EF5 of the event. As the afternoon arrived, storms kept getting worse and stronger, putting down several more tornadoes before dark. With that, in the lower levels, a surface low rapidly formed over north-eastern New Mexico and produced numerous severe thunderstorms with damaging winds in excess of 70 mph and golfball size hail over the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma. A brief tornado was spotted in an open field. Tracked across the south side of the city, damaging numerous homes and a business district on High Street. All the outbuildings at the farmsteads were destroyed and the roof of the house was severely damaged, This tornado hit mostly open country but a farm was struck, with severe damage to three barns and two tractors flipped. Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. View of the point where the EF5 lifted, with an obliterated farmstead, extensive crop damage and ground scouring, with parts of the fields removed from the soil. Numerous supercell thunderstorms flared up ahead of the cold front, producing most of the stronger tornadoes. A few trees were downed as well, Tornado generated by a left split of the first Silverton supercell. This tornado tore the roof off of a steel plant, and uprooted numerous trees in the neighboring State Game Lands. During the morning hours, the SPC issued a PDS Tornado Watch for all of west-central Oklahoma, then updated and re-issued for the evening and night hours. The twister then dissipated just northeast of the city. At the same time, two slow moving supercells to the south formed and then converged after several hours and a few weak tornadoes, forming one big supercell, that produced the last tornado of the outbreak during the morning hours of May 24th. From there, the tornado tracked over open country but managed to swept clean several well build brick homes in numerous farmsteads and dig 2 feet deep, 15 feet long ditches in a couple of spots in fields, taking aloft dirt, mud and crops. NWS storm surveys confirmed four tornadoes touched down in all -- … Numerous trees were uprooted or snapped. The tornado then struck a nearby subdivision and numerous homes were destroyed. The May 25, 2020 tornado outbreak (colloquially the Great Memorial Day Outbreak) was an extensive tornado outbreak targeting the Mid-Atlantic states, primarily the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland. The tornado struck a subdivision, destroying several roofs and garages. 3 out of 4 days where under a … That toll skyrocketed by 40 in an 11-day period from April 12 through 22, mostly because of a major tornado outbreak in the South Easter Sunday into the following Monday morning. The second supercell produced two tornadoes in the downtown area, an EF2 and a EF1. This violent nighttime tornado touched the ground just southwest of the city of Canton and started moving north-northeast. Tornado Outbreak of April 12, 2020. Overall, in the Silverton area 20 people were killed and 58 were injured, with over 4 billion dollars worth of damage, 3.5 of them due to the EF5 alone. A warm front steadily moved northward during the morning and afternoon hours on Sunday, April 12. To the experts' surprise, a local enhancement of 0-1 km SHR (created by a bulge along the dryline) over northwestern Oklahoma and over southwestern Oklahoma not predicted by models made the enviroment perfect for a violent series of tornadoes. There, the outdoor screen was swept clean, an auto mechanic building was destroyed and several cars were thrown. The squall line in the cold front itself packed strong straight-line winds, often in excess of 90 mph, which produced swaths of tornado-like damage. Event Summary for Central Alabama. Then the tornado and the entire mesocyclone weakened, leading to the cancellation of the tornado warning previously issued for the counties of Dewey, Blaine and Major. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It touched down west-southwest of town and moved towards the north, destroying an entire farmstead and metal power trusses in the process. Robert Morris University Island Sports Center,,_2020?oldid=62609. In the early-morning hours of May 25, the Storm Prediction Center issued a rare high risk area for central Pennsylvania and portions of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Around 11AM EDT, the Storm Prediction Center issued a Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS) Tornado Watch for central Pennsylvania, the first ever issued for the region. An upper level storm system associated with an upper level trough came down from Canada on May 22nd and rapidly intensified and went negative tilted.

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