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inferior in a sentence

Examples of inferior in a sentence: 1. It is easy to work, but rather inferior in all respects to the northern pine. Sentence Examples It has inferior guarantees, as compared with our knowledge of the mechanism of nature. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "inferior" Please don't bring inferior audio cassettes to the language lab because they often break during the classIf you want to pay the cheapest price, you will probably end up with inferior quality. 4. to a position inferior to the parvenus Bonapartes, in the event of the final collapse of the Holy Roman Empire, or of the possible election of Napoleon as his own successor on the throne of Charlemagne. Secondly, the four-strand guilloche which encloses the central square is well drawn, but slightly, 59. Soloviev's history, from the earliest times to 1774, is based throughout on original investigation of sources, and therefore, though inferior to Karamzin's work as literature, is incomparably superior to it in authority. In respect of industry and commerce as a whole Gothenburg ranks as second to Stockholm in the kingdom; but it is actually the principal centre of export trade and port of register; and as a manufacturing town it is slightly inferior to Malmo. , Inferior drugs are not strong enough to cure the disease. In some cultures, women are seen as being inferior to men. It contains about 20% of cinnamic acid in addition to 18 or even more of benzoic. She turned everything out and began quickly repacking, deciding that the inferior Russian carpets and unnecessary crockery should not be taken at all. 9; Plutarch, Publicola, 1 o); lowering the fasces was also the manner in which an inferior saluted a superior magistrate. The Inferior Cretaceous rocks include the Neocomian and Gault (Albian and Aptian) subdivisions, and form the flanks of the mountains in the Tell. Finally, the Tylopoda differ not only from other ungulates, but from all other mammals, in the fact that the red corpuscles of the blood, instead of being circular in outline, are oval as in the inferior vertebrate classes. 3 These impressions from transfers, however, are liable to be inferior to impressions taken from an original plate or an electrotype. However, in a meritocracy, those at the bottom are clearly, 51. Copper in its pure state may be worked by the same methods as bronze, but it is inferior to it in hardness, strength and beauty of surface. A reprint of 1670 is only valuable because it contains P. de Fermat's notes; as far as the Greek text is concerned it is much inferior to the other. With his exegetical skill (he was inferior in pure dogma to Theodore of Mopsuestia) he united a wide sympathy and a marvellous power of oratory. When this has happened we have to rely upon mere copies, many times of inferior quality, or upon the information which old scholars have given us respecting them. The bark and young cones afford a tanning material, inferior indeed to oakbark, and hardly equal to that of the larch, but of value in countries where substances more rich in tannin are not abundant. It would depend upon the construction of the statute whether Parliament intended questions of law to be left to an, 58. On the outer side of the humerus between the head and the crista inferior is a groove lodging one of the coraco-humeral ligaments. There arose a class of king's thegns, corresponding to the earlier thegns, and a larger class of inferior thegns, some of them the thegns of bishops or of other thegns. This tribunal is composed of six cardinals, one of whom is the prefect, assisted by a prelate secretary, consultors and the necessary inferior officials. This people gave way in time to another, markedly inferior in the manufacture of pottery, but superior, apparently, as builders. The Ptolemies supplied themselves with this arm from the southern coasts of the Red Sea, where they established stations for the capture and shipping of elephants, but the African variety was held inferior to the Indian. The exports are chiefly groundnuts, rubber of inferior quality, sesamum and other oil seeds, tortoise-shell and ebony. inferior in a sentence - Use "inferior" in a sentence 1. The district west of the Apennines, a region of great beauty and fertility, though inferior in productiveness to Northern Italy, coincides in a general way with the countries familiar to all students of ancient history as Etruria and Latium. : 3: Silver or Britanniaware teapots produce inferior tea and enamel POTS are worse; though curiously enough a pewter teapot (a rarity nowadays) is not so bad. The best variety for culture in Britain is that with red female flowers; the light-flowered kinds are said to produce inferior wood, and the Siberian larch does not grow in Scotland nearly as fast as the Alpine tree. Spiritually, therefore, the Third Crusade is inferior to the First, however imposing it may be in its material aspects. The writ apparently issued for no court inferior to the bishop's, unless upon the bishop's request. The position was found to be a strong one, occupied by over 6000 men; and as it was not considered prudent to attack it with an inferior force at such a distance from the river base, the flyingcolumn returned. For a few months indeed Lamartine, from being a distinguished man of letters, an official of inferior rank in diplomacy, and an eloquent but unpractical speaker in parliament, became one of the foremost men in Europe. He pushes the claim even further, requiring, besides entire outward submission to command, also the complete identification of the place of God, without reference to his personal wisdom, piety or discretion; that any obedience which falls short of making the superior's will one's own, in inward affection as well as in outward effect, is lax aect; that going beyond the letter of command, even in things abstractly good and praiseworthy, is disobedience, and that the "sacrifice of the intellect" is the third and highest grade of obedience, well pleasing to God, when the inferior not only wills what the superior wills, but thinks what he thinks, submitting his judgment, so far as it is possible for the will to influence and lead the judgment. What Engels stresses is that women were not, 41. Delisle (1675-1726) published 98 maps, and although as works of art they were inferior to the maps of certain contemporaries, they were far superior to them in scientific value. Still, the Design argument is a good sample of a proof by means of the inferior method. But at Owari the experts were content with an inferior color, and their blue-and-white porcelains never enjoyed a distinguished reputation, though occasionally we find a specimen of great merit. Can Grande della Scalas death in the next year inflicted on, the Lombard Ghibellines a loss hardly inferior to that of Castruccios on their Tuscan allies. prolonged the quay, and an inferior imitation of Trajan's arch was set up; he also erected a lazaretto at the south end of the harbour, now a sugar refinery, Vanvitelli being the architect-in-chief. Although inferior in intellectual quality to Alexander Hamilton's Report on Manufactures, presenting the case against free trade, it is regarded as the most powerful attack upon the protection system which has ever been made in an American state paper. In the purity of his intention and the earnestness with which he strove to carry out his ideal, he was not inferior to Francis. The first mode of occurrence is of little significance practically, for the crystalline rocks generally contain too little phosphate to be valuable, though occasionally an igneous rock may contain enough apatite to form an inferior fertilizing agent, e.g. He came to Rome in the reign of Hadrian, and soon gained such renown as an advocate and orator as to be reckoned inferior only to Cicero. CK 290366 Sports cured him … Walcott has described a tiny lamellibranch (Modioloides) from the inferior Cambrian, and he reports the gastropod (?) The cultivation of the palm is indeed the principal occupation; and though the dates are inferior to those of the Barbary States, upwards of 2 2, 500 tons are annually exported. In point of style it is greatly inferior to the Histories - florid, pompous and affected, and at the same time tedious. All chief writers were bishops, inferior clergy or monks, and their readers belonged to the same classes. That means an inferior and subordinate role, which has been ratified in the postlapsarian situation, particularly under the weight of the curse. Many tropical fruits grow wild but their quality is often inferior; those cultivated most extensively are mangoes and bananas. (whose history belongs rather to Hungary than to Poland), another great statesman, in no wise inferior to Wladislaus II., completed and consolidated his work. A limited section of medical opinion has recommended China tea for reasons of health, and undoubtedly the inferior strength it possesses reduces the risk arising from improper use, but it also reduces the stimulating and comforting effects the ordinary tea-drinker hopes to experience. In the prestige of antiquity and religious renown, Calah was inferior to the older capital, Assur, while in population and general importance it was much inferior to the neighbouring Nineveh. 1 being the label ps, The superior division or lum, here inferior the labellum, which may by the twisting become inferior by the of the ovary. Probe passed into the superior division of the subpallial chamber through the excurrent siphonal notch, and issuing by the side of the foot into the inferior division of the sub-pallial chamber. It is the second town in point of population in the canton, coming next after I ausanne, though inferior to the "agglomeration" known as Montreux. As a theologian the position of Candlish was perhaps inferior to that which he held as a preacher and ecclesiastic, but it was not inconsiderable. The tribe Ophiopogonoideae, with its tendency to an inferior ovary, suggests an affinity with the Amaryllidaceae which resemble Liliaceae in habit and in the horizontal plan of the flower, but have an inferior ovary. The liver is inferior to the lungs.. For a more complete listing of terms used in medicine for spatial orientation, please see the entry to "Anatomic Orientation Terms".

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