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Director: [42] In Spellbound, Bergman played Dr. Constance Petersen, a psychiatrist whose analysis could determine whether or not Dr. Anthony Edwardes, played by Gregory Peck, is guilty of murder. | [58] Bergman had greatly admired two films by Rossellini. Director: [31] Reviews noted that "she gave a finely-shaded performance". According to her biographer Charlotte Chandler, she had at first considered the Nazis only a "temporary aberration, 'too foolish to be taken seriously'. [111][112] Bergman returned as both a presenter and a performer during the 41st Annual Academy Awards in 1969.[113]. Karin Kavli, 99 min Biography, Drama, History. According to an article in Life, the "doctor regards himself as the undisputed head of the family, an idea that Ingrid accepts cheerfully". Although unmarried, he tells her that he is married but cannot get a divorce. [92], Bergman later starred in the 1958 picture The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, based on a true story about Gladys Aylward, who was a Christian missionary in China. | Greta Ohlsson The camera loves your beauty, your acting, and your individuality. After her American film debut in the film Intermezzo: A Love Story (1939), co-starring Leslie Howard, Hollywood saw her as a unique actress who was completely natural in style and without need of make-up. [33] After the onset of World War II, Bergman felt guilt for her initial dismissal of the German state. | 1969, The Yellow Rolls-Royce 120 min Jean Richard, Approved Losing her parents at such a tender age was a trauma to Bergman who later described as "living with an ache", an experience she was not even aware of.[14]. Ilsa Lund Laszlo [216] Bergman's love affair with Robert Capa has been dramatised in a novel by Chris Greenhalgh, Seducing Ingrid Bergman (2012). [12], She made an appearance in one episode of The Bob Hope Show in 1972. [79], While the movies Bergman made with Rossellini were commercial failures, somehow the films have garnered a great appreciation and attention in the recent times. Ingrid Bergman was one of the greatest actresses from Hollywood's lamented Golden Era. Biography, Drama, War. Georg Blomstedt, 1951, Stromboli [124] :542–543 Although she had been nominated for the new Best Supporting Actress Award, she considered her role in Murder on the Orient Express to be quite minor and did not expect to win. Bergman then lived with her maternal aunt Hulda and her husband Otto, who had five children of their own. Edna Best, But she cannot get used to the tough life in Antonio's volcano-threatened village, Stromboli. Arturo de Córdova, Votes: Bergman starred in Ocean Breakers in which she played a fisherman's daughter, and then in Swedenhielms, where she had the opportunity to work alongside her idol Gosta Ekman. They took the play to Barcelona, London, Paris and Stockholm. Ingrid Bergman, Swedish actress whose natural charm, freshness, intelligence, and vitality made her the image of sincerity and idealized womanhood. [88], Anastasia (1956) tells the story of a woman who may be the sole surviving member of the Romanov family. The multiple ‘Academy Award’ winning classic set during World War II depicts the story of American expatriate Rick Blaine who owns a night club in Casablanca, Morocco. A Swedish film in eight episodes by directors Ingmar Bergman, Vilgot Sjöman, Lars Görling, Hans Alfredson, Tage Danielsson, Hans Abramson, Jörn Donner, Arne Arnbom, Gustaf Molander. They also have an ... See full summary », Director: Ingrid Bergman, Drama. Directors: George Cukor [82], After separating from Rossellini, Bergman starred in Jean Renoir's Elena and Her Men (Elena et les Hommes, 1956), a romantic comedy in which she played a Polish princess caught up in political intrigue. Bernhard Wicki It's inhabited by mysterious characters such as 'Greven', 'Blomman' and others. By her account, they had a wonderful evening. Director: He wrote that Bergman was less effective while speaking in French and German, as if she were void of creative energy. Under Capricorn premiered on 9 September 1949, as another Bergman and Hitchcock collaboration. [98], In 1961, Bergman's second American television production, Twenty-four Hours in a Woman's Life, was produced by her third husband, Lars Schmidt. Gustaf Molander Bergman was hurt by mostly negative reviews from the media of her native land. | 117 min Basil E. Frankweiler premiered. [26]:76, According to her daughter, Isabella Rossellini, her mother had a deep sense of freedom and independence. But in addition to "saintly roles"; she portrayed women in extra-marital affairs in Intermezzo and Casablanca, prostitutes in Arch of Triumph and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and a villain in Saratoga Trunk. [53][54] On 11 November 1948, Joan of Arc had its world premiere. Based on Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s 1956 play, Der Besuch der alten Dame; eine tragische Komödie, it starred Bergman and Anthony Quinn. | 1941, Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde After her death, her daughter Pia accepted her Emmy.[6]:296. [12] Rossellini didn't like her friends for fear of them trying to lure her back to Hollywood. [79] In Fear, Bergman plays a businesswoman, who runs a pharmaceutical company founded by her husband (Mathias Wieman). 1970, Cactus Flower An actress who has given up on love meets a suave banker and begins a flirtation with him...even though he's already married. In her final acting role, she portrayed the late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in the television mini-series A Woman Called Golda (1982) for which she posthumously won her second Emmy Award for Best Actress. | | Ingrid Bergman, Stars: [110] It was reported that thousand of spectators bought tickets, and travelled across the country, to see Bergman perform. [44] This would be the first of three collaborations she had with Hitchcock. She wrote to him in 1949, expressing her admiration and suggesting that she make a film with him. 470 Jerry Austin, Approved Ingrid Bergman, Georg Rydeberg, 96 min Julia Cæsar, Ingrid Bergman, Stella Bergen Gregory Ratoff Director: Joan Madou Director: Drama. Stephanie Dickinson Director: Roberto Rossellini Comedy, Drama, The Swedenhielms is an old aristocratic family. Håkan Westergren, Charles Boyer, It was screened in the Cannes Classics section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival[188] where it received a special mention for L'Œil d'or. Irene Wagner, the wife of prominent scientist Albert Wagner, finds herself blackmailed about her affair by her lover's jealous ex-girlfriend. In Lake House (2006), the Sandra Bullock's character is watching the kiss scene from Notorious. Karla Zachanassian Director: | "[12], Bergman's ability to instantly change emotions was one of her greatest talents. "[197], Also in 2015, the US Postal Service and Posten AB of Sweden, jointly issued commemorative stamps in Bergman's honor, featuring a circa 1940 colorized image. There she... See full summary », Director: According to the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, Bergman quickly became "the ideal of American womanhood" and a contender for Hollywood's greatest leading actress. [38] Bergman won her first Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance. Anna Magnani, She was pleased with the overwhelming critical acclaim for Autumn Sonata. Director: However, he has a secret that he will do anything to protect, even if it means driving his wife insane. [12] Rossellini's cousin, Renzo Avanzo, was worried that Bergman would deflect Rossellini from making pictures he should be making. | "She went to a limit and objected to go beyond the limit. 100 min Karin, a young woman from the Baltic countries, marries fisherman Antonio to escape from a prison camp. | Bergman is also one of the most Oscar-awarded actresses, tied with, Sat, Oct 31 [150] Howard Hughes was also quite taken by Bergman. | She is tied for second place of Oscars won with Walter Brennan (all three for Best Supporting Actor), Jack Nicholson (two for Best Actor, and one for Best Supporting Actor), Meryl Streep (two for Best Actress, and one for Best Supporting Actress), and Daniel Day-Lewis (all three for Best Actor). Johnny Doran, "[72], Recent assessments have been more positive. [142] Rossellini then married Sonali Das Gupta in 1957. Ingrid Bergman full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. Comedy, Drama, Romance. Her first starring role in Hollywood was in the 1939 romantic film ‘Intermezzo: A Love Story’. 102 min 1973, A Walk In The Spring Rain Vilgot Sjöman Alicia Huberman Short, Jimmy Stewart hosts a special for the American Brotherhood of Christians and Jews which recognized everyone's rights to worship God in their own way and basic inalienable rights for all ... See full summary », Director: Jean Marais, During the Spanish Civil War, an American allied with the Republicans finds romance during a desperate mission to blow up a strategically important bridge. 'Son of a bitch.' 113 min Mario Sponzo, Not Rated 1 Episode (2004), Biography With her role in Anastasia, Bergman made a triumphant return to working for a Hollywood studio (albeit in a film produced in Europe) and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for a second time. Alfred Hitchcock [62] Spoto notes that Bergman had, by virtue of her roles and screen persona, placed herself "above all that". Margaret Leighton, Not Rated A psychiatrist protects the identity of an amnesia patient accused of murder while attempting to recover his memory. In addition to Casablanca (1942), Bergman's notable performances from the 1940s include the dramas For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943), Gaslight (1944), The Bells of St. Mary's (1945), and Joan of Arc (1948), all of which earned her nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actress; she won the award for Gaslight. Bergman was only the second actress to win three Academy Awards for acting: two for Best Actress, and one for Best Supporting Actress. [27]:99–100, The Bells of St. Mary's premiered on 6 December 1945.

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