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shooting guard players

If you've yet to check out Bleacher Report's point guard rankings, well, what are you waiting for? He canned 37.6 percent of his spot-up threes last year. Smart has a chance to be more than the Boston Celtics' resident defensive bloodhound. Out of necessity, they needed him to work off the dribble. Beal cleared 3,000 minutes last season. Joe Ingles and Ricky Rubio finished second on the Jazz in field-goal attempts during the 2018 and 2019 postseasons, respectively. What gives, exactly? He may just be more three-and-D specialist than All-Star. That, in fact, is a curse of playing with Davis, and it isn't entirely fair. This marriage of volume and efficiency cannot be oversold. He may not be the first choice to headline an offense, but he's not supposed to be. Even then, his season will be confined to a smaller sample. But the D'Angelo Russell dichotomy is larger than most—massive, even. He's not expected back until December or January, and we don't have a good frame of reference for what he might look like upon return. Opinions vary on every player. Last season, he hit a so-so 35.4 percent of his catch-and-fire treys while converting just 30.9 percent of his pull-up triples. After regaining his starting spot, he was one of the Boston Celtics' more valuable shooters during their ill-fated playoff run. 1, but the Clippers don't employ another ball-dominant playmaker aside from Lou Williams. He missed 11 games in November and December with a right knee issue and didn't look right upon rejoining the rotation. Reasonable minds can disagree on D'Angelo Russell, and they often do. Please, please, pretty please don't read too much into any one classification. If he ups his assist total while keeping the offense afloat during whatever Dame-less stints he sees, his placement here will be remembered as a tad too cautious. George will have a comparable amount of shot-creation duties without the attention of a traditional No. Views of Brown's offense are less hopeful. But snagging Richardson was huge. Everything Booker has done without so much as a single safety net informs what's to come. 32). A handful are bound to crack the overall top 100 by season's end, but passing judgment on players without NBA reps under their belt is a no-win exercise. Things are especially prickly when tackling the Boston Celtics' rotation. Not until a dislocated right ankle derailed the heart of his season did D'Angelo Russell begin his climb. And while he can't replace JJ Redick's pinball motions, he does have the chops to be Joel Embiid's dribble-hand-off outlet. Four players have made at least 600 triples over the past three seasons while downing them at a rate above 40 percent: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, JJ Redick and, you guessed it, Hield. Full-strength Paul George is one of the 10 best players in the league. When you think of the prettiest shooting forms in NBA history, Ray Allen's almost always comes up. George rode that role expansion to a career-high 28 points per game. The degree to which they can positively affect winning at the highest level is all that matters. He assumed the assignments the Nuggets' wing rotation wasn't fit to handle. The expectation is that they'll start together, so they're sorted based on their designations alongside one another last season. CJ McCollum's standing among the NBA's biggest names deserves to be relitigated following last year's postseason explosion, but to what end? Walker's Charlotte Hornets tallied 39 victories. True to form, Russell's outlook in 2019-20 is a high-variance one. Ranker's remorse is in full effect following Jaylen Brown's preseason. Injuries impact these rankings. Victor Oladipo's fall from the greater top-20-player discussion is twofold. Does it matter that Caris LeVert was the Brooklyn Nets' best player before he suffered a dislocated foot? Carrying lineups without them will be harder. He's closer to deserving the benefit of the doubt than not. Predicting more prominent production from Brown requires a leap of faith. He averaged more points per possession in transition last season than Curry, Thompson, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James...the list goes on. 1 or the bare-bones spacing he played through in Oklahoma City. The Pelicans' previous regime didn't exactly do a bang-up job of fleshing out their supporting cast. Small samples are the enemy of meaningful conclusions, but that momentum leaked into the postseason. With better circumstances come greater expectations. Brown's freedom within the offense and playing time suffered from Year 2 to Year 3 as the Celtics tried, and failed, to accommodate him, Gordon Hayward, Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum all at once. Hammering out specific positions is only getting more difficult, but exact roles are hardest to parse for 2s, 3s and 4s. 42) and Paul Millsap (No. Rankings are not an exact science. The Sixers didn't just land on their feet; they acquired a seamless star complement who can flirt with an All-Defensive selection while hitting 37-plus percent of his threes. Mitchell has to reach the rim and get to the foul line more consistently, and his pull-up jumpers must start falling at higher clips if he's going to continue taking them. Make that four seasons. Cynics are free to hold him more accountable beginning now. Shooting guards are evaluated as if they're being acquired for the entire 2019-20 season. Unless otherwise noted, stats courtesy of NBA.com, Basketball Reference or Cleaning the Glass. Playing in Anthony Davis' shadow in no way helped, but his offensive profile lacks a cliche aesthetic. On one hand, his fit beside Stephen Curry tantalizes. Oh, without question, he's still that. He buried 36.4 percent of his three-pointers and was even more effective off the catch (38.7 percent). He has some stop-and-pop flair. Last season in Oklahoma City, he pushed the bill further, carrying effective units without Russell Westbrook. 43). He at least began to overturn the non-shooting knock last year. Spoiler: Jaylen Brown pans out as the shooting guard. His life will get noticeably easier with the arrival of Jerami Grant. His 40.5 usage rate stands as the second-highest in league history, behind now-teammate-again Russell Westbrook. Therein lies the sole complication of Harden's outlook. It doesn't sound like George's recovery from a shoulder injury will keep him out of action beyond November. Hield also rated in the 84th percentile of scoring efficiency off screens and the 81st percentile on hand-offs. Devin Booker finally getting help should be a bigger development. His fit beside Leonard is more seamless because he should get the best of both worlds. It is instead an admission that, yes, Russell's breakout last year was probably a little fluky, but he's also still a standout player in a league overrun with them. Top-five stars have that ceiling. That alone diversifies his offensive portfolio. Select superstar peers remain above Harden, though he can be the best player in any given season. 2 option on most nights and has shown a flair for making more complicated passing reads and shots. Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum all qualified as small forwards last year. More than a few players behind Buddy Hield have a higher ceiling. He could stand to attack the rim more in general, even if only to try generating more trips to the charity stripe. Transitioning into the postseason didn't make him any more predictable. New Orleans was a net plus when Holiday played without Davis twice in the past four seasons (2015-16 and 2017-18). Boston will be able to scrape by with Kemba Walker-plus-all-wing lineups if Brown and Marcus Smart effectively defend up. That the Sixers now have Richardson to pester point guards is patently unfair. This is not a birthday joke. But players do not have to be on postseason contenders to earn brownie points. His exclusion felt more like an indictment of the 32-win Washington Wizards. Harden's approach looks and feels inorganic, more hack than strategy. Dwelling on his playoff troubles disregards both the circumstances under which they came and his inexperience. Baskets register on the scoreboard, and Harden gets buckets. When the most dangerous outside scorer is a borderline big, the Pelicans won't always care. Even when the two played together, George had the carte blanche of a first option. And Hield didn't stand out on the back of low volume. That stance will be tested during the presumably long stretches he spends next to Westbrook. Let us now toast to the NBA's best shooting guards ahead of the 2019-20 season. He spares Ben Simmons from that wear and tear but can also blanket opponents up to the 3 spot—and sometimes the 4. Smart is the safer choice to spell Kemba Walker, even if his turnover rate is much too high relative to his usage. Lineups featuring Booker at the 1 with a small-ball 4 put up points in bunches last year. The lone difference: We're entering wing-player territory. That's still a darn good basketball player but pales in comparison to what it seemed he might be following his sophomore boom. He bends defenses more than anyone save for Stephen Curry. But Brown has seen the percentage of his attempts inside three feet and his free-throw-attempt rate decline each season. Maybe McCollum winds up outstripping "safer" projections. Off-the-dribble shooters win over masses. Even Harden's staunchest critics cannot write off his blend of volume and efficiency. Did he deserve to be an All-Star last season or was Eric Bledsoe snubbed as an injury replacement? Despite a defensive reputation that has swelled over the past two seasons, Holiday still struggles to grab traditional star recognition. Division is a constant in conversations about his 2018-19 breakout, as well as the larger discussions about where he stands relative to the league's elite. Think: Klay Thompson is now a small forward after the arrival of D'Angelo Russell. Their most-used lineup on the year under those circumstances: Holiday, Frank Jackson, Kenrich Williams, Darius Miller and Jahlil Okafor. Hield's defining skill: shooting. Harden's efficiency defies the sheer enormity of his role. That isn't Holiday's game. That will say more about his value than whether he'll see most of his time at a given spot.

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