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Root Canal Treatment-Understanding This Dental Treatment Procedure

Nothing can be scarier than having a root canal. But as scary as having a root canal can be, having a professional root canal specialist take care of your root canal can offer plenty of relief and peace of mind. Eric Mehler, DDS offers modern density just to make root canal treatment a straightforward process for our dental patients. We truly value our patients’ relationships, thus we strive to provide exceptional care you can never get from any dentist in situated in Sunrise, Florida. We work hard towards ensuring you feel at ease by offering exceptionally great patient care in a convenient, relaxed atmosphere.

Why Should I Schedule An Appointment With A Root Canal Specialist
A healthy tooth has a living pulp that is primarily made of connective tissues, blood vessels together with nerves. This pulp is well protected by the enamel layers and dentin on the surface. Nevertheless, tooth damage or tooth decay can cause an infection to occur in the pulp. The infection can ruin the pulp, completely ruin your tooth and worse still spread to the jaw bone as well as other surrounding tissues. That is why root canal treatment is recommended for treating your infected tooth. This dental treatment procedure is largely used to get rid of the infection and further restore the integrity of your tooth. Tooth canal is recommended for removing the decayed debris together with the bacteria causing infection. It is further needed to keep the infection from spearing to other parts of the jaw bone and the roots of your tooth.

How Exactly Is Root Canal Treatment Performed?
Prior to drill into your tool, your dentist will first numb your tooth and its surrounding tissue with an injectable anesthetic. They may apply more anesthetic in case the infection has spread deep into your jaw bone. After your tooth is numb, your doctor will apply a rubber sheet called dental dam, which is designed to isolate your tooth from the mouth thus creating a sterile environment. Next, a hole will be drilled into your tooth’s pulp chamber. If it is a back tooth, a hole will be drilled from the top. But for a front tooth, the hole will be drilled from behind. The infection is then cleaned using special tools together with an antibacterial and antiseptic solution. Special tools will also be used for preparing your tooth’s pulp chamber for filling. A final cleaning is also done to ensure any remaining infection is cleared completely. A rubber-like material is known as gutta-percha is used to fill your now cleaned pulp chamber. This material protects the tooth from further infection. Once the root canal treatment procedure is concluded, you may be given some antibiotics to ensure the infection is completely gone. Your now treated tooth will just be sensitive for a couple of days and then the sensitivity will go away. Root canal treatment boasts over 95% success rate when it comes to saving infected teeth. The treated teeth can last for several decades to come.

Are There Signs That I Need Root Canal Treatment?
Although root canal treatment is an important dental treatment procedure for many dental patients, most people hardly tell when it is the right time to get root canal treatment. Nevertheless, knowing when it is the right time to get a root canal treatment isn’t difficult at all. In fact, there are many symptoms that can easily let you know when it is the right time to undergo this dental treatment procedure. For instance, tooth pain can be an obvious sign you need to undergo root canal treatment. When you experience tooth pain, it is simply because the bacteria are feeding on your pulp and blood vessels. The other sign that tells you that you need a root canal treatment is swollen or tender gums. This largely occurs on an infected tooth. The area around the infected tooth may feel somewhat tender or slightly elevated as a result of the swelling. Persistent gum pimples, which are normally caused by the spreading infection, can also signal the need for root canal treatment. The size of these persistent gum pimples c increases as the infection continues to spread to the areas surrounding your tooth. Finally, if the frequency of your tooth pain keeps increasing, then this can be a sure sign you need root canal treatment. Although there are clear signs for root canal treatment, there are however some signs that only your doctor can detect. For instance, your doctor can use x-ray to detect any changes that occur as a result of continued tooth infection. Your doctor may also use special tools to reveal an exposed tooth nerve, which also requires root canal treatment. Since it can be difficult to tell exactly when you need to undergo root canal treatment, it is hence vital to visit your doctor and have your teeth checked regularly. The earlier the problem is diagnosed the better for you.

A root canal is definitely a crucial aspect of dental treatment that can help your teeth go for many decades to come. However, this dental treatment procedure should only be performed by professionals and using specialized equipment. When not done properly, the procedure can be disastrous and it can lead to serious complications. If you are looking for professionals in Sunrise who can perform this procedure with great precision and care, contact Eric Mehler, DDS today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric Mahler for more details on your root canal treatment procedure.